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    I d/led Mafia verified bin files and burned them with Nero 5 to CDs. Everything worked fine. I can start to install the file but it stops installing at A1.dta. My computer is new and fast, so that cant be the problem. If the answer is open "crack" file, then please tell me what to do with that file.

    Thanks for replies....NewBie40

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    i had same problem the problem is your dl you need to repait it /w cd mage oh ya you should not burn the cd's you should use daemon tools which does a "virtual drive"

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    how do u repair it with CD mage??? Is that a programm or do i find that in Windows?????

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    a program but i dont remember were i got it try searching it on google or something or maybe in this forum its probably in the software can or something

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    i had same problem the problem you need to burn it with clonecd at speed 4

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    hi emir

    thanks for the tip. it seems to be working


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