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Thread: best wrestling torrents?

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    hey i searched google and other websites, but i cant find any wrestling torrents, please help me if you could thanxx

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    Quote Originally Posted by phooart View Post
    Keep checking XWT and PWT Cause They Both Have Just Recently Opened Sign-ups seem like they are open more now so keep looking. Also it aint to hard to get an invite to them

    Can You Join Both Trackers?
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    I once received an invite to but they disabled my account very quickly, I had just started downloading my first file and they disabled my account which had ~43MB down and 0 MB up (It was the mass disabling evening, when everybody who had a ratio below 0.4 was disabled, but there was a but that i hadn't even downloaded 100MB and I was registered there for only about 1.5 days, so be careful over there )


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