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Thread: Burning Windows Xp

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    SO i wanna burn windows xp i downloaded off KaZaa so I go into Nero Xpress and i make a bootable data disc and I add all my files, then when i go to burn it, it asks me for a floppy with boot info? What should i do
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    I think u would get a lot more replys if this was in the software or questions section. Check out teh FAQ, it should solve ur problem. If it doenst, repost

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    Thanks for the suggestion Timz, I move it to Softwareworld.

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    open nero, click cancel on wizard, click on File, click on Burn Image, double click the xp file, set your burn options, and click Write

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    I think the easiest was is this:

    1. Get TRShady's Verified version of XP PRO (it's in the verified section and i believe it's pinnned)

    2. This version is a .exe version. Unzip using winRAR.

    3. Take the unziped files/folders (all of them, ctrl+a) and drag them into your burning program. Doesn't matter what program you use. Burn them into a Data CD.

    4. Now you have a XP PRO install cd.

    5. Then get the XP Keychanger Program (also in the verifieds with TRShady's version)

    6. Run the keychanger program. (follow the Readme directions, it's self explanitory)

    7. Backup everything you want to keep

    8. Pop in your new XP PRO install cd and select Install Windows XP.

    9. Follow the onscreen instructions.. a monkey could do it!!

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    hey nizers it worked for u hmmm i was missing an .ax file oh well i got an OEM verzion anyway from my friend?


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