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Thread: how do you use proxy

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    can someone tell me how to use proxy or give me a link to an article on how to use proxy.
    recently on bitmetv i see a person with the same ip address suffix (the end part that tells you where they are and what isp theyre using) and it was the same as mine. i dont know the chances of someone with the same isp and location downloading from me from bitmetv on a couple of different occasions. i hope its not my isp sniffing around. So if someone can help me thatd be great

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    you say that because you saw someone from your isp uses bitmetv, you want to hide yourself behind proxy ?
    actually there are many users from same ISPs use the same trackers simultaneously, so you don`t need to worry.
    and if you want to use a public proxy on bitme/bitmetv, you will be banned sooner or later.
    one should pay for fast private proxy

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    you can use

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    well I am a university student.........
    and is behind a proxy..... can anyone help me out ..... I want to use torrents....

    My problem is that i want a client which have NAT traversal support

    thanks in advance

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    nat traversal is the least of your worries. getting past your university firewall is the fun part.

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    well port forwarding is not possible in my university........
    can anyone help me out............
    thanks in advance


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