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Thread: Anyone having trouble with Demonoid?

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    Every torrent i try to get from there i get this error: "Tracker status: connection closed by peer".

    I use many other trackers and I don't have any problems with them nor have i experienced this error ever before. Been using demonoid for quite a few months with nothing like this.

    Let me know how it is on your side...

    Ooh, error appears with uTorrent 1.6. If i try to grab the file with BitComet it simply says "connecting tracker to say start, waiting for response" and does nothing at all.

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    I'm using uTorrent just like and its work fine with me even with low-speeds but its connectable

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    Crap Dunno wtf is wrong and I really must get the last MotoGP race of the season Fucking Murphy and his damn laws

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    Last edited by LookingAround; 11-28-2007 at 01:01 AM.

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    Utorrent, everything OK

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    work fine for me

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    u torrent its good for you

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    i think there is some kind of problem but it lasted only a few mins, cause i lost all the seed and peers except for a couple

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    its work

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    try uTorrent and enable DMZ from your router to the pc your downloading from.


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