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Thread: Help With Viewing Behind Enemy Lines

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    When I try to run a 700MB version of Behind Enemy Lines I just download it gives me the No Combination of Filters Could Be Found to Render This Stream. When I play it with Real One it kinda works, sound is good but the picture is all fudged up. The color is all distorted when I play it on Real One. Yet when I play it on Avi Preview it plays just fine. And Nero won't burn it cause it doesn't get any data! Bah, did I just get a corrupted download?

    Edit: I might also note my Codecs drivers. I use to only have Nimo Build 8 installed but then I ALSO installed K-Lites latest codec pack. In an attempt to get this to work I reinstalled both packs then just installed the K-Lite pack. So currently all I have is the K-Lite pack. I get the same thing.

    Edit2: Here's what GSpot says about the file.

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    Nimo build 8 is buggier than 7. Still, I would try a different player other than RealOne or WMP (ZoomPlayer, BS Player). But Nero refusing to burn is definitely a red flag. I would lean towards a damage download since AVI Preview will fill in what's missing in order to do a preview. Did you try making a copy to a different directory for damage files tend to give windows explorer grief?

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    Just tried copying it and it copied fine (copy acts same as original). I guess maybe it was just a corrupted download... sucks though cause it took about 2 days :/. I can still watch it with Avi Preview on full screen but the fact that I can't burn it so I can watch it on a DVD player is seriously bad. When I load it up on VirtualDub it says, it had a corrupted VBR Audio and it had to redo it as a CBR to load it. I don't know how to save a file with VirtualDub without it being several Gigs so I can't tell you if saving it after VirtualDub redos the Audio to CBR fixes it or not. If anybody know how that would be great I guess.


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