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    I am looking for a couple good first person shooters, I tried to get postal 2 but I guess just isn't all that popular, too bad, it's loads of fun. Anyways, could you guys recommend me any decent FPS's? I need something that I can install right out of Kazaa as I don't a cd write drive(damned minimum wage). Any good ideas are greatly appreciated. B)

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    Return to Castle Wolfenstein
    Red Faction
    No One Lives Forever (1 or 2)
    System Shock 2
    Elite Force
    Serious Sam (1 or 2)

    These are my personal favorites. You should be able to find hashes for most of them if you search in the Verified section. Make sure you set 'Search posts from..' to Any date.

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    Hitman 1 and 2

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    Solider of fortune 2 (SOF2)

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    s of fortune 2
    quake 3
    unreal 2003
    castle wolfenstein

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    Uh...I don't actually play FPS...

    But Unreal Tournement was alright for a bit, at a LAN party.
    Some people really got into Jedi Knight, but eh.

    The Thief series is excellent if you want a change of pace.

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    mohaa spearherd
    rouge spear
    ghost recon (this is a good game)


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