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Thread: the doctors

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    Those of us who spend much time in a doctor's office should appreciate this!
    Doesn't it seem that more and more that physicians are running their practices like an assembly line? Here's what happened to Bubba:

    Bubba walked into a doctor's office and the receptionist asked him what he had. Bubba said, Shingles. So she wrote down his name, address, medical insurance number and told him to have a seat. Fifteen minutes later a nurse's aide came out and asked what he had. Bubba said, Shingles. So she wrote down his height, weight, complete medical history and told Bubba to wait in the examining room.

    A half hour later a nurse came in and asked Bubba what he had. Bubba said, Shingles. So the nurse gave Bubba a blood test, a blood pressure test, an electrocardiogram, and told Bubba to take off all his clothes and wait for the doctor.

    An hour later the doctor came in and asked Bubba what he had. Bubba said, shingles The doctor asked, Where?

    Bubba said, "Outside on the truck. Where do you want them??"
    Van Gogh's Family Tree
    His dizzy aunt -----------------------------------Verti Gogh

    The brother who ate prunes -----------------------Gotta Gogh

    The brother who worked at a convenience store ----Stop n Gogh

    The grandfather from Yugoslavia ---------------------U Gogh

    The cousin from Illinois -------------------------- Chica Gogh

    His magician uncle -------------------------Where-diddy Gogh

    His Mexican cousin ----------------------------- A mee Gogh

    The nephew who drove a stage coach------------Wells-far Gogh

    The constipated uncle ------------------------------ Cant Gogh

    The ballroom dancing aunt -------------------------- Tang Gogh

    The bird lover uncle -------------------------------Flamin Gogh

    His nephew psychoanalyst ---------------------- -------- E Gogh

    The fruit loving cousin -------------------------------Man Gogh

    An aunt who taught positive thinking --------------- Way-to Gogh

    The little bouncy nephew ----------------------------- Poe Gogh

    A sister who loved disco ------------------------------ Go Gogh

    And his niece who travels the country in a van ---Winnie Bay Gogh

    And there ya Gogh!
    Once upon a time, long ago, there lived a sailor named Captain Bravo. He was a man's man, who showed no fear when facing his enemies.
    One day, while sailing the Seven Seas, his lookout spotted a pirate ship, and the crew became frantic.

    Captain Bravo bellowed, "Bring me my red shirt!" The first mate quickly retrieved the captain's red shirt, and while wearing the brightly colored frock, the Captain led his crew into battle and defeated the pirates.

    That evening, all the men sat around on the deck recounting the day's triumph.

    One of them asked the Captain, "Sir, why did you call for your red shirt before battle?"

    The captain replied, "If I am wounded in the attack, the shirt will not show my blood. Thus, you men will continue to fight, unafraid."

    All of the men sat in and marveled at the courage of such a man's man.

    As dawn came the next morning, the lookout spotted not one, not two, but TEN pirate ships approaching. The crew stared in worshipful silence at the captain and waited for his usual orders.

    Captain Bravo gazed with steely eyes upon the vast armada arrayed against his ship, and without fear, turned and calmly shouted, "Get me my brown pants!"

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    its good one frome you

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    ahhhhhh, i'm a doctor

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    brown pants

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    nice one

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    And his niece who travels the country in a van ---Winnie Bay Gogh


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