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Thread: UMAX Astra 1220s scanner driver with xp

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    so i inherited a umax astra 1220s scanner,
    and ive always wanted a scanner,
    i dont know why...........
    but anyway,
    i have some drawings of teachers finding their knife/toaster related deaths that i would like to scan,

    but the problem is that windows xp does nothing when i connect the scanner,
    im assuming i need the drivers,
    but i have no idea where to get it,
    i downloaded one driver but i had an error (everything seems to be an error these days with windows, i tried to put 6 computer games on it, "catastrophic failure, unknown error", "out of memory", "unable to install, see your operating system manufacturer", just makes me sick.


    does anyone have any sites i could get this driver,
    i may need multiple sources in case god forbid i get an error......(bsod seems to be the favorite these days.......thank god for ubuntu)


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    Well those drivers are for windows 95/95/2000/nt and i have xp.

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    If your scanner has a parallel interface you may as well forget it for XP connectivity, AFAIK they never got the parallel interface working properly, even on W2K.

    However, I assume the "S" suffix means serial or SCSI connection.

    In either case, the interface should not have changed between W2K and XP, follow the instructions supplied for W2K.
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