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Thread: Diet Kazza

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    I'm diet kazaa a good download accelerator?, is it better that the one included in
    k-lite v-2.1.0?

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    Diet Kazaa is not as great as the K++ Editions anymore. You can try it out if you like, and compare the two.

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    Diet kazaa bicum old and not working so wall with the last ver of k-lite [k++]
    use k-lite [k++] its the bast ...

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    well i don't know if u remember the "search for more sources" trick, i notice that diet k actually look for more sources in all the sources, but the speed up on k-lite will only do it on the main file.

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    Even with that one feature, it still doesn't match the K++ Edition. If you really want, you could just suggest this in the development section for the new accelerator of KL.

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    why it don't match it??

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    Think about all the features that K++ has, the tools, etc. Compare to just one feature, it really doesn't add up. Also, since Kazupernodes was release, DK is no longer special in that anymore.

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