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Thread: UltraLeecher And NewsLeecher AutoPAR And UnRAR Feature

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    Just tested UltraLeecher and its AutoPAR and UnRAR features. Have to say its just amazing and includes a cleanup for files and whats in quene also. The client itself is very close to NewsLeecher though more basic and and dosent have as many featiures. For some those features may not be important though for me they are. Now that Ive seen this work cant wait untill NewsLeecher releases version 3.9 with this feature also...
    NewsLeecher v3.9x
    The v3.9 series will implement a new feature called "Repair'n'Extract". Catchy name, eh!?. Well anyway ... The feature will make it possible to repair damaged downloads, using .PAR2 repair files, and automatically extract downloaded archives, using various customizable settings, such as extraction destination folder, etc.. We've already put a lot of work into the repair'n'extract feature, and it's actually already half finished as a basic feature. We expect the first v3.9 beta to be out soon after the v3.8 final release

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    Yea I hear ya man I switched to Ultraleecher a little while ago and it is a very handy tool when you dont have to do anything but start the nzb and it does the rest! I'm glad they are bringing it into Newsleecher, then I'll defiently go back once they do

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    similarly, i use SabNzb, which does all of this, with a web interface.

    in fact, i have greasemonkey plugin for firefox, along with a script which modifies the newzbin website, so that all i have to do is to hit a button on the newzbin site, and Sab automatically grabs the nzb from newzbin too!
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    hey VIV, im hi man sabnzb is alil much to install rite now. can some1 "help" me out with ultraleecher instead


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