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Thread: Boat Trip

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    Boat.Trip.DVDRip.SVCD-TCF....and yes! it's good, I got it off bit

    I can't figure out how to turn this into a VCD...
    I've extracted the video file with winiso & with cdimage, each time I wasn't able to view the video, nor was I allowed to reincode it using nero...

    ...and yes, I have installed the codec pak, and yes I unistalled the old codec's first

    what else should I try, the above method has worked fine for me thus far, until now that is

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    never mind VCDGear did it for me

    I'll post a hash for this in a couple of minutes

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    m8 when u mention images ,i'm guessin' there bin files,u could tri vcdgear which can convert bins straight to mpeg

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    F**k me m8 that was quick,i did.'nt even have a chance to reply

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    you must have been typing when I made my reply...

    thx though


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