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    I recently downloaded Command and Conquer: Generals cause' it looked down right awesome, and from what have seen so far it is. I have one problem with it, but hopefully I can change it. The fact is that it's slow. Very slow. The menus are slow, ingame is slow, even the movies are slow. If I left it going, the intro for the first mission the Chinese would take about 20 minutes. It's like everything is in slow motion.

    In the menu, you can move your mouse over an option and it would take a good 1.5 seconds before it lights up and you can click. I am yet to find an option which can fix this so I decided to turn to the Trolls of this place for a little guidance.

    Anything that you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

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    weird...whats ur comp specs?

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    I have the same problem.

    My specs are as follows:

    AMD XP 2100+
    1 gig sdram
    Nvidia 440 64Mb vid card

    I even set the priority level for the game to realtime with no change in performance.

    I was thinking it was the rip.
    If I ever get around to dling the iso, it may be better but I have no clue.

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    hmm.. probably a currupt game file... it's needing it and trying to make a temporary soulution by suckin all your resources

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    Similar problem during my tests ... which was fixed by a) getting a different source copy of the game or B) using the original cd's.

    Once you get past that stage and have it cracked you'll notice something odd.. once you try to play on a LAN or IP/Internet game and shortly after starting up the game all but 1 of the human players will self-destruct automatically. Now.. if anyone has a fix for that it would be much appreciated. (I figure it may be a built-in safeguard or glitch that was either written into the game or just appears.. the reason for this is if you run the game standalone with all original cds and such it runs fine .. and yes I've ran the tests on cracked vs original game setup cause I can)

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    It's probably the Nvidia 440 Vid card cuz i use the same one on my second moniter and when i play C&C generals on it the movies tend to go slow-mo but when i play it on my Radeon 7500 it runs perfect

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    Where did u get generals? off kazaa? hacked version or cd image?

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    Well that's pretty much answered it, I need a better Vid Card.
    I'm using a shit intel one that came with the computer. The moment I can scrape together a few houndred dollars I'm gonna try for a GeForce Card or something...


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