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Thread: Windows Media Player 9

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    I recently upgraded to windows media player 9 through the automatic updates and now I cannot play MP3's in kazaa. At first I thought it was something to do with kazaa but when I try to play my MP3s in windows media player 9 they will not work (however they will work in 6.4 and winamp) Strange huh?
    This is the error I get when trying to play MP3s in windows media player 9 and I click on more help.

    The requested audio codec is not installed
    If anyone knows how to correct this I would appreciate it a lot.
    Or alternatively if you know how to change the default player for kazaa (as I am told it is windows media player) then please help
    thanks loz

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    Download the K-Lite codec pack

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    i dont think its a codec problem if it works on winamp

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    maybe it is a problem with:

    Windows Media 9 codec. and that is in the K-Lite Codec pack

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    the k-lite player is shit, i never use it just use winamp or something else

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    Well d/l and installed the K-lite codec pack and now my mp3s work perfectly in kazaa and Windows media player 9
    Can't believe I didn't think of it myself
    Thanks for all the help


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