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Thread: new to the private tracker thing

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    Hey all, I've just learned of the greatness that is private torrent trackers and I'd like to get involved in it. However I realize you need an invite to get into these trackers. Most of these invites only come along with trades for invites to other sites and unfortunately I have no sites to offer =P. I realize that the inviter bears the risk of the person they invite (they must have a good ratio) and therefore most will probably be reluctant to help simply because most of my torrenting has been on public trackers unfortunately.

    Anyway I'm just wondering how I can get started in the private tracker scene. I go to school (and live near) a university that doesn't restrict torrents so I believe I can maintain a pretty good ratio on and off campus (where I have DSL with about 60KB/s upload).

    So anyone if anyone can help me get started into the private tracker scene that'd be greatly appreciated. My e-mail is [email protected]. PM me if you can help me and thanks a lot!

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    get a account, account, and try maybe someone can give you a torrentleech invite. these sites are private trackers and it's a good place to start off.


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