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Thread: If Not Kazaa, What Else?

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    It's obvious that Kazaa doesn't have everything (game-wise) ppl want. Where do you look to when Kazaa doesn't have the game you want? I've been looking for Generals but there are only hacked versions, no cd images that WORK.

    I'm also looking for an old game called Warzone 2100. Can't find that on Kazaa either (not a surprise). Where does one turn to when all options in Kazaa have been exhausted? Warez sites? Where?

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    mother of all p2p software....

    The next major version of Shareaza is here -- almost. As promised, the Shareaza 1.9 public beta is available now. The mysterious two new networks were in fact eDonkey2000, known for its efficient sharing and large file selection, and BitTorrent, known for fast access to very new files. These are now available in addition to Shareaza's premiere Gnutella2 network and the legacy Gnutella1 network, giving you four P2P systems at your fingertips.

    These new network haven't just been tacked on -- Shareaza has been redesigned as a true universal P2P client, able to take full advantage of all the resources available to it. When downloading a file, it can be swarmed from all connected networks simultaneously, automatically selecting the best fragmentation and partial verification schemes! The new upload system is extremely powerful, supporting complex user-defined queues to optimise sharing the most important files first.

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    Is Sharezaa fast like Kazaa? Do you ALWAYS have to wait b/c of queues like in Emule or Edonkey?

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    I just tried it. It's just like emule and edonkey. Always queued.

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    Not so, I use shareaza too, and it's the only way I can use my entire download bandwidth - I've gotten speeds over 2Mb/s - most of the time it stays between 50 and 250 Kb/s, which is still better than Kazaa.
    It's not about how many sources you can find, it's about the fast sources!!

    It's not perfect (sitting in queues all day), but nothing in life is...

    Check out this site, it will give you a good idea of what methods of filesharing are used for games, apps, music, and movies. I'm pretty sure that IRC is still the KING of game filesharing, but emule is up there.

    btw When you are using p2p, you are accepting the fact that you will sit in a queue and wait or that your speeds will be slow when you are look for popular files and rare files. It's only fair. And it IS worth it, considering that you're getting a game that is a) free, b)copyrighted, c)and ILLEGAL.

    DeltaOmega553, I recommend begging for access to a ftp pubstro(like that will ever happen), hehe, that's the only way you'll get the newest games before everyone else and also the games that not everyone likes, and without the frustrations of p2p. Games are constantly being released through IRC and ftp sites, most are just not popular enough to get shared. . I d/l from private ftp GTA Vice City in 3 hours - Enter the Matrix in 6hours. (Don't ask me for the ftp site, you will be ignored and I will deny everything,lol)

    As far as old games....why are you looking for old games??

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    lol, ok thnx. Forget the old game.

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    Is there anyway to tweak shareaza? any settings/options i should change or know about to make it run at optimum performance? b/c it's always queued.

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    I'd say eMule. It's always got something.

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    I'd recommend bittorrent for newer games. Beats them all.


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