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Thread: Bittorrent & Mandrake Help

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    Ok,I've tried to dl and run Bittorrent a dozen times ,wtf is wrong with it?,everytime it says i got some error,and then i dl mandrake ,because it says to on the bittorrent site,but the thing is like a huge file,,wtf is mandrake and why is bittorent so #@!^%$#@ up,its a frikkin joke,NO help on the bittorrent site on how to install it or run it. ,plz help me.

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    where do i begin

    mandrake is version of linux. it is a whole operarting system so it will be about 5 cd's worth of information probably.

    bittorent is quality if you are patient.

    1) download the torrent file.
    2)double click it.

    bittorent opens and you are away.

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    not away i go,always shows the same F***** error,&#39;&#39;Error(10:30am)- Arguments are- max upoads<arg> the maximum number of uploads to allow at once[defaults to 4] --keepalive interval<arg> number of seconds to pause between sending keepalives [defaults to 120.0] &#39;&#39; and i dont even have anything DL OR uploading.such BULLSHIT,i check the torrent sites a million &#036;&#036;#&#036;&#036;%# times and no F***** help there,,plz someone help,,before i send those Bastards a virus

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    I assume you are using Windows and you have downloaded the Linux/Mandrake version of Bittorrent.

    Get the Windows Bittorrent installer HERE.


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    yup already have that,u mentioned mandrake,am i supposed to install it?btw,i have winxp.

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    Mandrake is a whole new operating system.

    I suggest you look through the Bittorrent FAQ&#39;s on there website.

    Available HERE.

    If that doesn&#39;t help use the technical support link on the above site.

    Good Luck.


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    well you can try two diffrent options from the current original client

    one an experimental client that allows you to limit your uploads.

    or you could try
    a beta version of shareaza which now includes bittorent

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    thanx Junkyard,this Shareaza looks pretty decent and a little more simple to use thank u


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