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Thread: God Damn Vc!

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    I have wasted so many cds trying to get this to burn...but it gives me a "Medium Error", ive tried CD-R win, Alchol 120% and nero and still dont will my method work below ?:

    1.Extract entire contents to a folder with Isobuster

    2.Burn it to a cd using nero or summin

    lol...thats it...I was worried if I do that It wont reconise it as the ACTUAL cd or summin if you know what I mean, do bins have some sort of special code that makes the CD special compared with a burn cd with my method above ?

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    Either way will give you the same cd.

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    so my method will work then ? kewl

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    IT WORKED!! its installed!, but when I apply the no-cd crack it still asks me for the cd! wtf!


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