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Thread: Is KLR slowly dying?

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    I'm really concerned as I have been a happy Kazaa user for many years now, and all of a sudden am having heaps of problems downloading files.
    The last problem I had was in 2004 with KL (and that was mostly only with the old player), so that goes to show I don't have many - and none till now with KLR.
    What is happening now, has been mentioned in another thread that I can't find again, but the problem wasn't really addressed there anyway- so I hope I'm forgiven for repeating this here.

    One problem: Songs I look for, which would be safe to assume that many hundreds (if not thousands) of users would have - only return a few results, if any at all. And then, Kazaa seems to go to sleep and stops searching all- together. And nobody has been Up-loading from me either, for the past few weeks, and I have NO limit on up-loads. As soon as I would log on - there would be somebody up-loading immediately. Not anymore.
    If I do manage to get a file I want into Traffic, the message is nearly always -'not enough users are sharing this file' - or 'more sources needed'.
    And I have noticed a dramatic decline in the number of users on line too. Tonight, there are only 408.000, and not that long ago it would have been 1.400.000 or more.

    Another difference: It used to take a few seconds to open Kazaa and start searching - now it can take 10-15 minutes to just get connected. I start a search, leave the comp on all night - and mostly get no results.
    And for the past few months, a pop-up appears (Poker ad) and I can't do anything until it loads and I delete it. Would I be wrong in thinking it interferes with the loading of Kazaa??? Sometimes Kazaa has frozen when I deleted the ad.

    If I do manage to get a file downloaded, sometimes there is no sound. I've noticed that this is most likely to happen with the higher bandwidth and the faster downloads, but has happened with the very slow ones sometimes also. Yes - I have MP3Shield - but mostly forget to use it.

    And that is another thing - the slow DL's are so slow they are nearly going backwards!!! Like - .8kbs. This has only started happening in the last month as well. So something weird is certainly going on.

    I typed 'Alan Jackson' in Search tonight - and only got 52 results, and only one person sharing each of those files. Previously for Alan Jackson, I got MANY MANY hundreds of results, with hundreds of people sharing the same file. I clicked on a few to DL, and managed to get one song after a 3 hour wait. I know that could be because that person wasn't logged on - but you can see that this is not normal.

    While searching for answers on the net, I came across a site called Ares P2P, so checked out the forum. The word on there is, that Kazaa is dead and full of Adware, Pop-up's, Spys and corrupt files, and as a consequence their membership is growing quite rapidly. Nobody had a good word to say about Kazaa at all - everything said was negative. This is the link for the latest version:-

    I have NO intention of abandoning Kazaa - I love it too much - so I hope you have a few answers as to what IS happening, because it's starting to smell badly of sabotage to me.

    Before you ask - yes I have tried switching SN's - and no I don't have any Virus, Trojan, Spyware etc on my computer.

    Will be extremely thankful if you have any answers for me - and I'm sure others too, as I just can't be the only one experiencing this - surely not?????

    Cheers and many thanks just for reading this - Colette.
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    I'm not sure about now, but Kazaa has always been "sabotaged" by RIAA monkeys, with messed up songs and such. I know you have feelings for Kazaa (I had feelings for edonkey ) but you should probably start thinking about bittorrent. I had to make the switch, and I did it just in time.

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    Thanks for your reply JA - I HAVE tried bittorrent along with several others - have installed/un-installed Azureus several times (problems) along with a couple of others also. None were as 'user friendly' or as productive as Kazaa, and as I'm a hopeless 'music' freak, and just HAVE to have certain songs, I found Kazaa to be exactly what I needed. Most of the music I want is just not produced anymore, and Kazaa ran rings around Lime Wire etc....

    Also, I have NEVER had any problems with Spys, Trojans, Ad-ware etc - only corrupt files (don't play or incomplete), so I've either been very lucky, doing something right, or that problem isn't as big as people are suggesting. ???

    AS you say - 'The Times They Are A Changing', and life as we knew it in Kazaa is almost non-existent at the moment, so probably IS time to move on.

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    Colette, you are not the only one experiencing these problems. I have used KLR for quite some time, but after finding out about Bit Torrent, my use declined and I only used it for single songs. Now I don't even use it for that anymore because I experience all the things that you mentioned.

    It takes usually about 10 minutes to get connected and the search function rarely works. It's pretty evident that Kazaa is pretty close to obsolete and Bit Torrent is the way to go if you want to continue file-sharing.

    Although you said you have some trouble using Bit Torrent, don't give up. I know you say you have no intentions of abandoning Kazaa, but Bit Torrent is light years ahead of Kazaa, and it's worth taking a day to sit down and learn about it. I don't even understand everything about Bit Torrent, but there isn't much to learn to be able to use it efficiently.

    I started by using the default client, which can be found here- I havent used that in years, but the last time I used it, it wouldnt let you download individual files out of a CD (meaning you had to download the entire CD to get the song). It may be a good place to start, however, because its the most simple client available (to my knowledge). All you have to do is install the client, go to a torrent site, click the link, and the client opens a small window and downloads the file.

    There are so many other clients, however, that you should try a bunch until you find one that you like. I currently use utorrent and haven't had problems.

    It's definitely time to let go of Kazaa... It's a dead network, simple as that. Being a former Kazaa user for years, I can see where you're coming from, but the fact is that Kazaa is so cumbersome and problem-ridden that it's just not worth the trouble anymore.

    Hope that helps.

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    I found this site recently when I was looking for alternatives to KLR, I have been experiencing the same problems that you mention.

    I would echo what flicky0rbic said about bittorent, it can take a bit of setting up, but it is worth it in the end. I can also add another recommendation for utorrent, I tried most of the others and utorrent gives me the best results so far.

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    Kazaa has definitely taken a hit of some sort about 2 month ago.

    The users went down from about 2.5 million to 700.000. Tonight I logged into Kazaa and saw only 300.000. I'm also experiencing connection difficulties. Still files continue to download ok.

    Theres no doubt that this is one of Kazaas bad spells. However I'm not giving up on it until the program is completely kaput, and I don't believe this will ever happen.

    I predict users will go down to the point where it will be ignored/not noticed. And this will be its strength again, as with regaining its anonymity its community will be able to grow back, in the same vane as the early days of Napster. And then Kazaa will be a pain in the ass for RIAA et al.

    Kazaa will never die!!...but its having a bad patch admittedly...

    Can't be bothered with bit torrent, its too exclusive and elitist...

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    578.402 users on Kazaa tonight...the recovery has started already!

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    haven't used it in a long time

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    hey collette and everybody. i too was a kazaa(lite) diehard fan for yrs so i sympathize with everything you guys are saying and experiencing. although i must say i am out of the loop as far as kazaa today...but the probs just sound like repeats that we all suffered at one time or another at one point before...except the major decline in active users.
    first off if your getting poker adds...dowload a clean current kazaa program and manually run Adaware frequently. current supernode lists are a must if your actually going to connect to any other users. why anyone would want a song here or there instead of the complete album/cd is a mystery if your going to have a good collection of music but
    of course trying to persuade you guys that bittorent rules is not what you want to there are some very good user-friendly clients like uTorrent...thats super easy, cool and effective. there are tons of search engines and trackers that have pretty much anything your looking for...but it is learning some where to look. i have to admit i am almost curious enough to download a clean kazaa to just see how bad it is_because i loved it too...but i moved on and am glad i did. :-) good luck guys.

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