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Thread: Vice City Crack Help

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    I think my download of Vice City might be slightly corrupted. For example, ReadMe_ITALIAN.txt (found on CD1) is fully corrupted and unopenable causing an error during install. I managed to fix this problem by burning a new copy of CD1 with a different text file in its place (now I only get an understandable CRC error when the install copy's this file from the disk).

    Now, my real problem is that the crack exe found on CD 2 is also fully corrupted. It cannot of course be opened or even copied over from the disk without a crash. I have been able to install Vice City, but without a working crack I cannot play it. Would anyone be so kind as to post it seperately, or direct me to somewhere where I can find it?


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    u can find it on and search for vice city then download it using mirc. im guessing that u know how to use mirc and . hope u get it to work cuz its a hell of a game

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    Actually I don't

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    After you see the GTA vc logo...the one with all the characters and stuff it asks me for the play there a crack to get rid of this because the crack on the cd cant crack this why ?

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    Well, I've managed to connect to a server on MIRC that according to IRCSpy has the file, but how do I download it? Is there a command for this?

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    Okay, sorry to bother you again.

    Trying to dowload the file I get this message:

    "You have a DCC pending, Set your client to receive the transfer. (150 seconds remaining until timeout)"

    How do I set my client to recieve the transfer?



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