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Thread: Somes Final Questions

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    Hello guys, after a lot of reading threads, websites etc I think I have a decent idea about Usenet and newsgroups but I still have some question regarding this way for download files.

    I understand that I have to buy a software like Newsleecher for example or I can use a free software like grabit for download the files from newsservers im right?
    Next I have to pay monthly for a News Server, like Giganews, Newshosting for have acces to files right?
    But what the best news server? Im trying giganews for 3 days and I think is very good but a litle bit expensive in comparision to other server so what you recommend me guys?

    Another thing is if I have to pay for a NZB search site or there is somes free very good sites for search NZB files? whats the best in your opinion?
    Is usenet much better than the bittorrent? for example I have an account in torrentleech and they upload the files very fast and first than another sites.

    Yesterday I saw Fifa 07 for xbox 360 NTSC in TL and I wanted to see if usenet have it too but I didnt find in any site.
    Well sorry for all my questions and my bad english im just a little confused ansd I dont know if I have to take this usenet system, that would be nice if anybody can help me taking this decision, thanks very much.

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    Since I know I don't have to pay, I use Binsearch/SABnzbd/ISP news server (all free)

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    If you want scene releases from usenet it is best to join one of the efnet channels. For xbox 360 releases you can join (from Those channels ( are a great source for scene releases on usenet. Just searching for a release on an usenet search engine might not work.

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    Thanks for your answers, im trying to join efnet im mirc and that doesnt work, doesnt work and the forum doesnt work for me. : /

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    50 cents per week to dl nzbs from newzbin but its the best ..

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    You have to have an IRC client installed first to connect to those channels.
    As for servers I think the $14.95 unlimited NewsHosting plan is the best...

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