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Thread: Me Or Xp

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    I've been using windows me for quite some time now.i have found it to be v good with just the odd occasional error.

    i was just wandering what peoples opinion are towards windows xp,as i have got a disk (windows xp pro corporate bootable)

    should i use it or should i stay with windows me?

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    If it works don't fix it. Change is nice though, I've been using ME since I've had this computer occasionally switching over to XP, but it never lasted long, always went back.

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    If I were you I would install windows xp. Windows Me is really buggy. Once you start windows xp you won't want to go back at least for me.

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    I used to use ME for along time and never encountered any sort of problems while running it. I don't understand what the big fuss about using Win ME is all about? I have switched over to Win XP Pro and love it and will probably stay with XP until this comp is six feet under. I think all the ME critics have never used ME as their OS and are judging by what they have heard. No probs here and no one I know running ME has ever had a Run ME - XP doesn't matter.
    -The thing I like about XP is that I find it easier to find the things I need .
    -The colors are nice too .
    -Boot up was a little faster.
    -A few extra features
    -Can set restore points
    -Additional users blah blah blah........
    Go with XP - LOL

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    You can use both as long as ME is your first installment.
    Use partitionmanager (e.g. Partitionmagic) to add a ntfs-partition.

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    hey i had the same predicament ME was sucking co** for me too many blue screens got OEM XP HOME EDITION FROM A FRIEND CLEAN INSTALL IM FINE NOW INSTALL IT I RECCOMEND

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    I would go with Windows XP it is truley anmazing 100 times better than ME

    just the look of XP and everything about XP is great you wouldn't regret using XP

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    I used to have Windows ME. What I didn't like the most about it was that with 512 RAM, I somehow ran out of memory with not that many applications open. Never had that problem with XP. If you have the necessary RAM, 256+ is usually the best for XP, 128 is doable though. I was quite happy that I upgraded.

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    Thank you all very much for your feedback...Its been very helpful.

    I think i'm going to stick with ME for a while longer.....I'm just not confident enough at the moment to put XP onto my comp.

    P.S Thanks again.

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    more fool you if your sticking with ME

    its like asking should i get a pentium celeron 733mhz processor or a pentium 4 3.06ghz

    but your choice

    fuck Derby County

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