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Thread: Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaz Help! Sim City 4 Crack!

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    it took me bout 6hrs to get through installation problems such as insert disk 2, but now its installed and i cant find a crack anywhere. I must have searched every forum ever made and tried every crack for sim city 4 too, but none of them worked. i got the deviance version (which i now regret), and everything is rdy, xcept for the crack, where do i get it, any help is very greatly appreciated!

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    It's available at or , always check those two out first, they'r the best, as in not having any warez/porn popups/dialers, and a lot of cracks

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    after like 3 tries to find a working crack from gamecopyworld, i get one, it gives me white screen for say... 3mins, then loads game, then boots me to desktop as soon as i start the tutorial, or say 30secs... wah

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    just figured out its definently not time related... upon starting either of the two tutorials, it will load for a few secs, then say something on the top right and boot to desktop... help?

    edit: that applies to any non-tutorial map as well, and the white screen is now only like 20secs... god it looks so cool and so good but i cant play it!

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    pleaz any advice how to make it stop crashing?

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    Did you check the .bin files for errors with CDMage first ?

    I could upload a crack that I know definitely works (as i have used it myself) to my webspace if you get really stuck.

    Let me know.


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    i will try cdmade now, and thanx a lot for the help

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    still at the same stage, reinstalling didnt help,

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    how did u get by the insert disk 2 problem u had i seem to be haveing the same problem.

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    I could need a crack for Sim City 4.....

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