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Thread: Can Anyone Crack A Piece Of Software For Me?

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    Hi everything I could possibly need I have been able to download from Kazaa and the like apart from a piece of software I use for my job, it is something specific to my job, expensive to buy but not worth cracking or sharing for most people.
    I have looked at tutorials and just for this one thing I need to do a lot of work and research, for someone in the know I'm hoping it might be short work to sort.
    Is there a kind soul out there will crack this software for me, it is time limited to 45 days and I am guessing it will not be a particularly difficult nut to crack.
    the link is
    The prog is Noah 3.1 non network.
    I know its very cheeky to ask but my head is buzzing looking at the tuts and its not as if I'll need to crack anything else (hopefully&#33

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    It's for your job... purchase it legally.

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    what kind of company would not buy a required piece of software??Ask them.

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    should do the trick
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    thanks guys thats useful..

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    is this not the second time you have asked about someone cracking this software for you.

    if i was you i would either purchase it or try to find an alternative that is free. im sure there is a community of people out there who will be able to help you.

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    Are you an employee of &#39;;?
    Just betatesting here?
    For this purpose you are in the wrong forum.
    Ask in Astalavista or

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    Buy one, And get one Free, hi hi
    The idiosyncratic syntax of riddles interests me

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    ok i guess im not going to get anywhere here it was a long shot anyhoo. its software I can do without at a push and is very expensive to buy. if anyone does take pity on my plight please pm me. (and no i dont work for himsa&#33;&#33

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    that is illegal we dont do ILLegal shyt here sorry i would help but i cant because

    ima cop

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