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Thread: Bitmetv invite wanted Please

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    Does anyone have an invite they could give me please. I am a Brit stuck in America and need to get as much British tv as I can. I have a 2.3 ratio with uknova downloaded 597gb uploaded 1.38tb. I have a 15mb download 2mb upload connection so getting a good ratio is easy.
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    You should atleast erase your username...for your own good!!!!! Also you should have participated in Detale's lotto draw for a bitmetv invite. I think that there are some offers on forum and giving bitmetv. All you can hope for is that you have what they need unless someone has an invite they wouldnt mind giving!


    There we are.
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    Does Bitmetv ever open for signup this seems the only way I will ever get in

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    Quote Originally Posted by fideus View Post
    Does Bitmetv ever open for signup this seems the only way I will ever get in
    If you want to reach what you want in Private Trackers World you should have PATIENCE . If you want a Tracker , You certainly can be a user of it , But don't disapoint.
    You will be invited in BitmeTv or any other , If you want it seriously .

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    I have been trying for 6 months but I can never seem to go on when signups are available. I suppose patience is a virtue which I will have to practice a while longer

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    I can trade a Demonoid invite but I don't think its very difficult to get on that site


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