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Thread: Need help, having trouble with server disconnects and missing rar files!

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    Hey all, I just started using usenet and I must say, its better than any other file distributing I have ever used, even more than private torrents! But I am having troubles. first off some of my downloads are missing rar files. I opened the par file that came with the download and it says I need 3 more blocks to create them! What do I do? I have read a bunch of guides and can still not figure it out.

    Second, a different download I got is missing a bunch (like 20) of rar files, should I just re download?

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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    One par file can repair one missing rar file. So if you are missing three rar files and quickpar tells you that you still are short you need more par files. If there are no more par files available... well, you're just shit out of luck.

    Sounds like the service you are using is poor. Maybe it's time to change providers.

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    damn, that sucks, i guess giganews isn't all that its cracked up 2 be

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    You could always try redownloading only the files that were missing. A lot of the time the problem is with the completion rate your usenet service has. However if you are using NZB's more often then not the Par2 files will repair them. There are a couple of other methods you can try after that.

    You could attempt to request certain files be posted to a newsgroup, use this guide to try this. This is normally only useful if you are missing only 1-2 rar files.

    Also you could try downloading another release. Most things are released by multiple releasers on multiple newsgroups, so chances are you will find another release of the same thing.

    Many people trust Giganews to be a quality usenet provider, so the problem most likely isn't the completion rate in this situation, rather just a lossy grab. Which does happen from time to time.

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    It may appear that the rar files are missing but actually it's possible they're still lying there in your 'temp folder'. Have you had assembled the incompletes? Go through the steps and then par gain.

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    They may possibly be in another folder, at times I've have them download into two different folders. Look in all your download folders and then you could try and search for them on your hard drive.

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    Well basically the completion rate for the bigger providers ie Giganews, NewsHosting, EasyNews is 99%. Don't forget that often times you are d/l 60 - 70 rar files and each file might have like up to 200 parts. So that is 60 * 200, so that is like around 12,000 files. Even at 99% completion, you can miss out on 120 files that can either cause an error or incompletion.

    that said, I have never had any problems with easynews. btw i have both an easynews and newshosting account. Easynews if you use their web interface is probarly around 99.95% and NewsHosting is around 99%

    please advise if i am wrong...

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    its probably a setting in your client or the nzb itself. try making sure you have downlaod incompletes ticked.

    some nzb's i have seen are incomplete or missing par files so check the nzb to make sure its complete. They also sometimes screw up and download different rars from different groups and when you look in the group folders they are spread across more than one.

    for instance stuff that gets posted to a.b.multimedia also ends up in alot of the time and you may find parts in both group folders.


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