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    hey fellas
    we see alot of people here asking what are the best sites,the best trackers,the best private ones
    so i've thought,
    why dont we make it a poll here
    and everyone can choose his top5/top10
    that way, the poll will always be updated
    and the noobs will never ask these questions again(because they will have the answers).
    just like the new sticky with trusted traders.
    if the staff and the community like this idea, you can make it (make a thread about it - i dont care if im not the poster of it)
    if you dont like this idea, forget it and please delete this thread

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    sounds good, but pretty subjective. For example, some people like TB 'coz of the large userbase, some like other trackers because of the security, etc, etc...

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    good idea - sababot

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    good idea. I'd say that for music, i like Oink. 0-Day, i like TL. Tv shows, TvTorrents is all i need.

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    there's that thread what invites worth and it basically shows how good any site is ... and those really good sites with be shown like *** and stuff and new ppl will still ask questions like what are the url of the 5* sites what are their names and so on and so forth

    but i'm not saying no to the would be nice...but u have to take in consideration that not everyone has all the great ppl with ScT will say it's the greatest and n00bish ppl who only have TL demonoid and stuff will probably say TL
    to see what is the best site u gotta try them all so i don't think it would reflect reality too much

    but we could make some criteria like users/peers ratio, download/upload speed on that tracker, security, strictness or kindness of the admins, pretimes, community, looks of the site, accessibility or functionality of the site, how easy is to build a ratio and if we want to truly make a list of the best sites answers like - i dunno what site is the best because it had i dunno what stuff i was looking for and apart from that i don't like anything about it or i dunno what site is the best because i don't have any other sites - should not be taken into consideration

    this top would be useful only for general trackers because for more specialised trackers we all know everyone will say bitme is the best for e-learning bitmetv the best for tv oink the best for music and so on

    if everyone doesn't follow the same criteria in rating a tracker the thread should be named the sites i like most and there are 5453343453 threads on this subject already

    ...and sorry for writing so much
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    sababot lapanim :]


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