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    hi , im having a small problem , whenever i open links it always opens them in very small boxes and then i have to manually expand them , wheras it use be maximized automatically, is there a setting where i can make it so they automatically expand??

    thanks guys

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    You have to close all windows!!
    Now open browser-window and drag with mouse :upperleft-corner to max then same with bottom-

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    i thought it was right click IE shortcut, properties, open maximized
    but it isnt -try looking for open maximized in help
    if no solution found then try this link :{D90C8A06-A59A-491B-9207-198347F83214}
    they always solve my windows problemas

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    IE 6 will not start maximized (at least not on some systems). I have the same problem, and I've read similar messages from many others as well. The only cure that I know of is, as ToraBoraDweller said, drag the corners of your browser window to the edges of your screen. Then hold the Shift key while you close the browser. Now restart IE and it should be the same size you left it.

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    Most of the time holding the shift key when closing a maximized(or any size) window, it will open up that size the next time(not all proggys tho).

    You can right click a shortcut to IE > properties and change the window size there as well(obvious to most of u).

    I just have a shortcut in my sytem tray and removed the IE icon from my desktop. (thank you TweakUI)

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    really apreciate the help people , all of you were great


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