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Thread: Check Out These Forums

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    i just made these forums, i need some moderators, i even need members, so come join it and try and make it a great board! i also accept any suggestoins for it to make you happy!


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    Jan 2003
    North East England, UK
    theres no way in the world im gonna spend time registering for a forum about which i know absolutely nothing. i dont know what is discussed there, nor who is registered..sorry, but till i know what im signing up for, i aint gonna bother
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    u shud let people see wots in it even if not letting them post till there registered mine u can see what the conent is before signing up

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    sure, ill be a mod, why not......

    edit: tried to register, so you could make my account a mod acct, but get error:
    Mail Error&#33;

    Could not sent the email
    Failed at &#39;mail&#39; command

    in addition, i also cant view any of your threads.. database errors...

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    ok, i&#39;ll let you see what it is b4 registering, i think i changed the db errors, and i dont know why the mail thing happens


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