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    Just curious as to something i've come across from tv episodes and movies i've downloaded on kazza lite. Several websites I have visted have listed standard NTSC framerate as 29. 97, and NTSC film as 23.976, if that is the case then why are most of the video files I download off of kazaa lite files that come up under VirtuaDub file information as only having framerates of 14.985? Is there anything I can do to reencode the video to raise the framerate to NTSC or NTSC film framerate standards? If not, then why are so many people encoding their divx/xvid videos with such a low framerate? I talked to a friend of mine who does professional video editing and conversion and he told me that a framerate of 14.985 is actually lower than old camcorders made back in the early 80's used. I can understand maybe the possibility of saving on file size, but by setting the bitrate that low, it makes it almost impossibe (at least for me so far) to be able to make a quality VCD or SVCD of the video file. Are there any websites that address this issue or ways to correct the problem?

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    2 X 14.985 = 29.97 fps

    I don't know why the fps is listed that way tho. Maybe 'cause the scan rate is double (interlacing)hence the 2x. (*shrug*)

    Anyways, no re-encoding should be necessary for NTSC use.

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    the reasion for this is that if u have the framerate u half the size of the file but only lose a litte in quality. uasly only screeners are release in this format
    a good quality rip of a dvd will uasly be at a standerd frame rate

    i know what ur talking about its a pain to wach low quality video but if u wait ull eventualy find a better quality version i use the screens to wach it the first time a nd delaet them then wait for a good rip before i save them
    this uasly mees i have to wait for it to come out on dvd

    the best way to tell the quality of a movie is the file size if it around 700MB for a 2 hr movie in the divx format then its good quality

    any thing less then say 400MB for the same movie is probly crap


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