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Thread: Help With Video File Framerates?

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    I've downloaded alot of video files off of Kazza, Kazaa lite and Kazza like k++, and I always seem to be running into the same problem. Most video files I am able to find to download are in either divx/xvid format, which I can deal with, even though trading the original mpgs even though larger in size would make a little more sense to some people, but the framerate is where i'm running into problems. NTSC standard framerate is 29 and NTSC film standard framerate is 23, yet almost every video file I download and check with VirtuaDub shows a framerate of only 14? I'm not sure if people are encoding video files with this real low framerate to save of file size or what, but this is a very very low framerate compared to NTSC standards, and most people i've talked to have told me to not even try to bother encoding a file with such a low framerate to VCD or SVCD because the framerate is so low that it's almost impossible to get good quality video on them. Are there any programs you can use to adjust the framerate of a video file that you've already downloaded? If not, and if it seems that so many people either don't know what they are doing in encoding video files in the first place to choose such a low framerate for them, or some other reason, is there any way to enhance, clean up, and sharpen a video file, that is encoded using such a low framerate, to get better results when making a VCD or SVCD from the file? Are there any links to any websites anyone can give me that have information on them that address this issue?

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    Try a program like G-Spot to check frame rates. 14 does not sound correct.

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