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Thread: Prolem With Xvid?

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    Hi everyone,

    Im in need of a bit of help. I already had fully functional codecs for everythin except playing SVCD's. To get the codec I downloaded K-lite pack. I thought i cud just instal over my existing codecs which would be replaced. but since installing I can watch all movies except Xvid's which come out VERY VERY dark. my xvids were all fine, good quality b4. Its so dark they r impossible to watch. I hav tried a few things and the suspect file is The file cant be deleted unless after a restart. After deleting and reinstalling the particular file the same problem occurs. Dont know if u could help me, I would really appreciate any suggestions.

    Its so anoying as I hav just got the 9 animatrix's but they come up too dark to watch!


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    I have the Divx Total Pack, ffdshow, and XVID. I think you may need ffdshow in order to watch some xvids......

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    But watch out! If you have ffdshow you can't run avipreview! Ooohh the stress and strain!

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    ive been able to watch xvids in the past, but its just since i tried to get a new svcd codec. Its just dark! where do i get ffdshow then, il giv it a try


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    Try reinstall K-Lite Codec Pack but uninstallyour old one first

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    yea tried that, no such luck. It just leaves a mess of random codecs in my sys32 folder.

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    m8 have tried going to

    control panel>audio,soud devices>hardware
    tab>video codec>properpies

    and tri and remove any unwanted codec that way

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    Originally posted by a chump@12 May 2003 - 10:29
    yea tried that, no such luck. It just leaves a mess of random codecs in my sys32 folder.
    What's random about it? It installs what you select in the installer.

    The XviD directshow filter that is in the K-Lite Codec Pack has a nice brightness option...

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    Oh, i didnt know about the brightness stuff. Il check that out. also didnt know about the codec properties in control panel. Il try both. "the randomness" is the file, it seems to be the problem, an error saying "error opening the file for writing. "

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