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Thread: Nero Wont Work

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    I don't know if this was already asked yet, I couldn't find it in search. I'm sorry if it was. Here is my problem: yesterday I burned some music with nero. It worked just fine. Today I tried to burn some more, and when I clik on my song to put it on nero from my shared folder, it says "no memory". I had an older version of nero, so, I installed a new version, and still the same thing. Has anyone else had this happen to them? And again, if this is already posted somewhere, I am sorry, and could someone tell me where it is? Thank you.

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    I searched the Nero website and the only thing I could find was this...

    Changes from Nero ->
    - Fix memory problem if user switch between hard disk and CD-drive several times in the Nero file browser.

    If that sounds like your problem, try completely removing Nero from you system (including any registry entries) and download and install the newest version.

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    Thank you. That fixed my problem. I also found my computer had an extra cd drive listed. Its all great now. Thanks again


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