You know what 'sike' means.
Your favorite rock band wore more makeup than your girlfriend.
Your favorite rock band wore the same clothing as your girlfriend.
You know what a Flock of Seagulls is.
You had a Flock of Seagulls haircut.
You wore parachute pants.
You had the matching parachute shirt.
You owned a Swatch watch with Swatch guard.
You gave up bellbottoms in favor of pin-striped Lees.
You know the profound meaning of "wax on, wax off."
You remember when Rick Shroeder was only Ricky.
Your heroes were Kevin Arnold, Han Solo and Mad Max.
You actually know what Alf stands for.
You remember when Mike Tyson was a fighter - not a biter.
You know that another name for keyboard is "synthesizer."
You actually know the name of Fat Albert's weird friend with the pink mask.
You ever wore fluorescent clothing.
You remember when Ozzy biting the head off of an animal was considered shocking.
You knew how to Safety Dance.
You also knew that if friends don't dance, well there were no friends of yours.
You could moonwalk.. or swore you could.
You remember Michael Jackson before he sported a whiter shade of pale.
You ever wore sunglasses at night.
You wanted to be the Incredible Hulk for Halloween.
You actually believed that "By the power of Greyskull, you had the power."
Partying like it was 1999 seemed like a life away.
You remember when Prince actually had a name.
You thought that Transformers were more than meets the eye.
Your lifelong ambition was to appear on Star Search or dancing at Bandstand.
You tight rolled your jeans.
You ever wore a banana clip.
You remember Garbage Pail Kids, and actually owned some!
You knew what Willis was "talkin' 'bout."
You had to have your MTV.
You remember when country music wasn't cool.
Windows was something you soaped at Halloween.
You remember when Atari was a state of the art video game.
You ever got your allowance in quarters.
An arcade was a cool place to pick up a date.
You were shocked when you found out Dragon's Lair cost 75 cents to play.
Internet was something you hoped a fish would do.
You actually thought Dirty Dancing was a great movie.
A teen movie, by rule, had to have Molly Ringwald in it somewhere.
You remember when Bruce Willis, David Letterman and Hulk Hogan all still had hair.
You cried when Jack, Janet and Terri moved out of the apartment.
Being a nerd didn't equal to $$ in e-company stocks.
You were upset when you had to replace your 8-tracks with cassettes.
You were even more upset when you had to replace your cassettes with CDs.
You believed that in the year 2000 we would all be living in outer space.
When you grew up, you wanted to be a VeeJay.
You knew what leg warmers were, and owned a couple of pairs.
You owned a Rubik's Cube.
You bought the book "How To Solve The Rubik's Cube."
You thought it was a turn on to girls when you solved your Rubik's Cube.
You also owned a Rubik's Pocket Cube, A Pyramid and a Snake.
You wore your Izod shirts with the collars turned up.
You remember when Happy Meals came in a box, not a paper bag.
You remember when burgers came in a Styrofoam box.
You remember when Saturday Night Live was funny.
It was cool to stay home on Friday nights and watch Friday Night Videos.
You know who shot J.R..
You know why short shorts are called Daisy Dukes.
You owned a pair of Superman or Wonder Woman undies.
You had to change into play clothes after school.
You, or someone you knew, owned a Commodore 64.
You ever had Pac-Man Fever.
You hated Scrappy Doo.
You ever held a deep, philosophical discussion on whether Darth Vader was really Luke's father.
You thought Princess Leia's cinnamon roll hairdo was cool.
You knew the Force was with you!
The only way to get new songs for free was recording them from the radio.
You know all the words to the songs on VH1's "Big 80s."
You thought that the lead singer of Ratt had a cool hairdo.
Your arm was covered with rubber bracelets.
You ever said "Gag me with a spoon."
You ever thought anything was "gnarly."
You ever wondered what happened to Saturday morning cartoons.
You had to get up to change the channels.
You thought the Thriller video was the best ever made.
You remember when Freddy Kruegger scared you to death.
You remember the first time you went into a video store to rent a video.
You wore wide, colorful shoelaces.
The best song ever? Quiet Riot's "Come On Feel The Noise."
You ever "banged your head."
Good rock music was Quiet Riot, Twisted Sister and Ratt.
You ever asked anyone "Where's the beef?"
You still refuse to go into the water after that dang Jaws movie.
You actually sat through Jaws 3-D.
You remember life before minivans and SUVs.
You had never heard of Bill Gates.
You knew what Reaganomics were.
Bill Clinton was only a lying, womanizing governor.
Good TV consisted of The Dukes of Hazard, Dynasty and Alf.
You had at least 10 different strategies for getting Frogger across the highway.
You had a Velcro wallet.
You ever wore a necklace of twisted beads.
Chic jeans were actually chic.
You were shocked to find out that "Indiana" was the name of Indiana Jones' dog, and Indy's name was Henry Jones, Jr.
A floppy disk meant you had left your vinyl record album in the sun too long.
You thought Tron was a cool movie.
You can't wait for a sequel to Tron.
You rolled up the sleeves of your coats and jackets.
Don Johnson was the ultimate cool.
Microwaves were the same size as your console TV.
You ever "crimped" your hair.
You ever "Pitied the fool."
You truly believe the 80s rule.