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Thread: Mistakes From New English Language Students

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    "I was walking to school and suddenly a beautiful woman cut
    my eye."

    "She said she doesn't like fringe kissing. She prefers kiss-
    ing men without tongues."

    "He always erupts before I am finished talking."

    "We were lovers, but now she is my biggest enema!"

    "My father met us at the airport and gave me a big hog. Then
    he hogged my wife."

    "We live on the sex floor. Our apartment is small but we have
    a nice view."

    "He lifted the veal off her face and gave her a big kiss."

    "Unfortunately, the school board was forced to cut fifteen
    percent off all teachers."

    "Do you like this food? I made it from scratching!"

    "I like you. My other tutor won't correct my grandma."

    "It was so exciting to watch! The cheerleaders threw up high
    into the air."

    "Rain makes old cars lust. So be careful about that. Once a
    car starts lusting, there's no way to stop it."

    "You can't sleep with me because it is too crowded. But you
    can probably sleep with my sister. That's what most of my
    friends do when they visit.

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