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Thread: Looking for bitmetv, pisexy, KG - can give gfx, audionews etc

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    Have recently made the switch from mIRC to BT (am sick of all the scene releases and want some good ol' classics) I only download movies and sitcoms. Never knew there was such treasure in the BT world. Have managed to get account on TL which has some good movie packs.

    I need:
    1. pisexy
    2. bitmetv
    3. KG (i know these are valuable, but wat the hell, maybe some movie freak can help out another)
    4. X264
    5. Any other good movie tracker you all can suggest

    I don't have anything all that valuable but can offer these:
    1. Audionews unused account
    2. Gfxnews unused account
    3. My free porn bookmarks which I have collected over the years

    And well, am not a hit&run n00b. Will show u my TL stats, which has 4gb up and 3gb down (i know thats low, but just started using). I just download a movie once in a while and keep it seeding forever till no leech is left.

    So if any1 can start me off in any of these please send a pm.

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    Also have Filemp3, Fileporn, Demonoid, Desitorrents etc. Basically all of the poor man's torrents. Lemme know if anyone needs one anyway, trade or not. :|

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    Check your PM


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