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Thread: Gta Vice City

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    does anyone know where the helicopters are in the pc version, and do u have to do missions to get them.


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    there a mission
    like the 4th or something
    put flying the damn helicopter is HARD!!!!
    i tried 3 times trying to complete the mission but flying the helicopter is hard

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    don't worry i have found one, after doing about 10 missions, whice unlocked the whole map and docks.

    Thanks anyway

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    u guys complete all missions then u get all the helicopters except the best one and after u get all 100 hidden packages u get the hunter and this heli and unlimited missiles and ammo. u could get this without getting the packages by getting a police suit and going to military base in the third island and carry alot of weapones cuz u could get into a gun fight a major one.

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    yep, find all 100 packages, go to Fort Baxter Air Force Base, there you will find a bad-ass heli, but good luck, cuz those military punks will fuck you up (unless you are dressed as a cop--go to the police station out by the beach, and in the locker room, there will be the cop suit.). Also, after you have beaten the game, Vercetti Estates has one on the roof AND in the back yard. Also, go to the house by the stadium, go into the door and look on the roof. You may have to try this a few times, but there is a heli there fact, once you get one heli, fly around and look at all of the rooftops, and you will find more that way too....hope this helps! I've had this on PS2 since it came out, and I beat it in less than 5 days.

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    I can't go higher than the first wooden edges. How do I get higher.


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    The cans are in the building
    You will see 4 cans. There, drop the bomb by pressing Lctrl
    Here are the control
    9: Straight
    6: Back
    A: Left
    D: Right
    4: Turning left
    5: Turning Right
    I suggest that you use a trainer for freezing time(that's what I did)

    Hope it Help!

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    wers the trainer?

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    here you go
    File:GTA-VC trainer (PiZZADOX) by Cooolway.exe
    Length:68087 Bytes,66KB

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    thnx for the tips !

    you can download the trainer over HERE!

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