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Thread: Fixing Crackling Sound In Some Movies

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    If i could extract the sound fileto wav or wahtever else I could clean it up in cool edit or another sound editing program and then re-encode it with the new track but how can i do that? also is there a way to make sure the sound and video will still be perfectly in sync? I'm obsessed with having audio and video PERFECTLY in sync hehe.

    The movie i am having problem with crackling is drumline.

    I use videolan to watch movies and i got klite codec pack (eventho videoLAN seems to use his own codecs or something).

    Any help on fixing that problem would be cool. movies are still watchable but its a little annoying to have that crackling in a couple of scenes (not for the whole movie, it comes and go)

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    Slower computers or slow drives can sometimes cause files which would otherwise be synched to come out of synch.. I.E. The sounds slowly begin to lag behind the video. Stopping then restarting it usually fixes it.

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    My problem is not that the movie is out of sync. my problem is that the movie has some crackling sounds here and there. So unless i know its a codec problem i want to extract the audio track, clean it up and re-synk it with the video file so theres no more crackling sound on my movie.

    My computer is fast enough and all that stuff.

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    What exact file of Drumline are you referring to? DVD or Screencam, file size, etc.

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    AVI2VCD (freeware)comes with a decompressing tool for that purpose. It works rather easily and has a small, simple GUI.

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    I had the same trouble with 'videolan' mate, great player for files that others wont play, but the sound is a bit ruff on some movies. i just tried the 'divx' player and the sound was fine in that, its just a bit of trial and error m8.
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    haha you're da man! i used BS player instead and it worked great. I didnt even think of using somethig else than Video lan since everyone says its the best and it plays files other players cant. Seems like every prog has weak points.

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    Originally posted by ShareDaddy@12 May 2003 - 21:39
    What exact file of Drumline are you referring to? DVD or Screencam, file size, etc.
    it seems to be working fine now but its the DVD rip, 734 709 760 octets version


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