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Thread: Update A Ripped Game?

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    I've downloaded a "myth" version of hitman2 that turned out to be "Freedom Force". A cartoonish-type game reminds of my youth watching the "origanal" Batman I tried to update it so I could play it GameSpy but when I 2xclick the installer I get black screen and a "severe error" saying "This patch requires Freedom Force to be first installed. Setup will now close."

    How would/could I get around this? Can I open up the installer to get to...whatever?.. How can I fix it?

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    Ripped versions are not meant to be patched, nor are they in most cases meant to be played online.
    Occaisoanlly you can update the ripped version, though I cant tell you if it will work, if it will take effect, or if it will ruin the game.
    Go into the folder where you installed it, and check and see if there is a file named ~regfix.
    Run it.
    Try to patch at your own risk.
    I would suggest that you find an iso copy, and try your luck with that.

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    regular updates cant be apllied to rips.
    Groups who rip the file, most times will release update rip patches check here to see if they have.

    If they have check here or here to find the file


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