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Thread: Best place to find TV sets in DVD5 or DVD9

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    i am looking for the best place to download TV retail releases in DVD5 or DVD9 (preferably NTSC as well). there are a few i have been looking for forever and cannot find. any suggestions?

    * i am looking for retail releases not xvids slammed onto a dvd

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    Aug 2006
    iplay,datamoon,TL , swedvdr, arena bg....hard to find all dvdrs in one place...
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    TL ussually has anything im looking for.
    If your looking for anything specific msg me and ill see if I can dig it up somewhere.

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    ABOUD's Avatar Kamikaze BT Rep: +17BT Rep +17BT Rep +17BT Rep +17
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    for dvdr tv sets i usually use
    i was looking for "friends" on dvdr form and i only find it on this tracker

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    yeah...very good tracker was one of the first power users when it opened few months ago...but i don't hang around so much these days don't really have time


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