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Thread: Rollercoaster Tycoon 2: Wacky Worlds?

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    Anyone come across it?

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    i would also like an iso of this file. if anyone gets it please post a hash for it. it will be appreciated.

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    yes got the rip of this make a hash up shortly.

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    where is your hash for this? you said shortly. and will the rip require rct2. or just the rip?

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    Hi there just to let you all know that i have just put Wacky Worlds
    on kazaa lite and it should be on the system in an hour or two happy gaming

    P.S good exspansion pack.

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    What's new in this version?

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    Not to much few new rides new cars for the rollercoasters
    lots of new scenery thats about it. its about 80mb

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    I searched for it but I don tsee it on kazaa lite

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    Someone just downloaded it from me so it is on there.
    I have just named it wacky worlds.

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    I am searching for it but i cant seem to find it!!


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