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Thread: Help About Dvd Encoder

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    anyone know what's the best program to convert dvd's to avi / divx file? i tried DVDx and DVD2AVI...

    DVDx is ok, great quality...but the thing is: the file size is HUGE...about 1.6GB+ for a movie with 1:40 length...

    DVD2AVI wont let me encode the sounds...even if it can, it separates the audio file which is annoying...!

    i am looking for an encoder which can convert to about a size of cd avi for a 1:40 movie with great quality that possible?

    --> come on, i know u dvd-ripper guys CAN give me some answers/guide... 8)

    thanks before !

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    hi there !
    all these programmes are available from K++ and they all have mpeg 2 encoder capabilities :- Adobe Premiere 6.5 Ulead Media Studio Pro 7 Sonic Foundry Vegas Video 4+DVD
    InterVideo DVD Recorder 4.5 they are all top end video editing progs that will do just about anything.


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