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Thread: Re-seed

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    I have a good file now at 94% I hope to be able to finish it. I think many more people will want this and I would like to put it on Pirate Bay. There are about 5 users on 94% and pretty soon we will all be on 100% and so the seeding opportunity is good.

    Is there a way to do this crucially keeping the same hash number and retaining the tracker it is currently associated with (demonoid) so that it ends up having 2 trakers, the demonoid one and announce (or whatever pirate bay uses)?

    Do I *have* to wait until I am on 100% ?

    Thank you

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    You could try making it a multitracker torrent. Which quite often demonoid torrents already are anyways. Just get a torrent creation app that allows multiple announce urls. And then it depends on TPB whether or not they allow multi announce torrents to be uploaded.

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    Well, I don't know how to do that, I don't even know how to upload to TPB. But this file was originally uploaded to demonoid forum, the uploader has now deleted it so if you search demonoid for it it cannot be found. but it does appear on 2 other websites torrentreactor is one of them. (the other one I can't find again) it doesn't come up like it used to in google anymore.

    The thing is how did it appear on these other websites? with the same hash number? Can I do something similar and put it on TPB? I don't know anything about doing this sort of thing, but it would recieve so much more users if put on TPB.

    I still have the 56kB torrent file, is that any good for TPB?
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    You would just have to pretty much edit the announce url to show TPB announce instead of the existing one in the file.

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    I am still stuck on 94% I was hoping to see a 100% user on the weekend today (Sunday) because I could have sworn there was one last Sunday.

    If anyone can give me a complete guide (walk through) for putting this on TPB I would be grateful. Bear in mind I have NO IDEA how any of this should be done - none at all - zip nada nothing. Can I do it even though I don't have the full 100%? - Mind you I don't think that would be very ethical, even if it was possible, you wouldn't want to give others the impression the full 100% is available if it wasn't so I will wait untill I get 100%.

    But if you can give me a walk through for loading this up to TPB...please.
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