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Thread: How to search all p2p?

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    I like looking for obscure films. Currently my only source of info is google. Is there a site that links to a lot of other sites in order to search for a p2p file?

    I would like a search to be done of torrents, edonkey, limewire, and even kazaa would theoretically be possible. I'd like a site which searched everything for me.

    Currently I put into google:
    "name of film" torrent
    "name of film" bittorrent
    "name of film" ed2k

    This is very time consuming, any tips for me?

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    this will help u with crazy torrent findings. love this prog.

    Torrent Harvester
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    torrent harvester is pretty good, it can be a bit glitchy sometimes, but works great otherwise.

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    try to write bitche on google

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    don't forget to search on dc++ hubs . I find a lot of obscure thingies there which I cannot find anywhere else

    I think you can forget an easy way to look on all networks at the same time. Just use google like you do , use a few torrent search engines, open emule and search, open dc++ , connect to a dozen big hubs and search, etc
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    Thank you everyone, I guess the holy grail I was looking for doesn't exist. But Torrent Harvester is a great program (which I did not know about).

    Available here

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    TorrentHarvesters new site is here

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