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    Sorry for being stupid but i have just downloaded simcity 4 and its the iso file. what do i do now im not sure.

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    Q. How do I burn an ISO?
    A. Nero - Go directly to File...Burn Image... Choose the .iso file that you want to burn, then Click Open, Then Write CD. Your Done.
    Read the newby section. [B]Read before even asking!!!!!

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    i tried that it dident work

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    Then you have a corrupted image, try to download it again

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    ok i got the game on disk 1 and 2. When i try to install it i get all the way through disk 1 and when it says put in disk 2 it wont read it but all the files are on it. i am really new to this stuff so any help?

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    theirs a problem with the second devience cd iso, get a fix for it,


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