Hi everyone, I am sure everyone comes on here asking for an invite, and I hope im not crossing a line asking for one. I am currently on Dididave and have a huge ratio on there(not sure how to take a pic of it.) I am using my friends filelist so i can bring his ratio up for him and i do use pwtorrents (which is his also, trying to bring his up ) and i have a demonoid account - plus i just signed up for a blackcat one, one of our members on here told me about it.

I would love a bitemetv one and I promise I will keep a two to one ratio min. I here that this site is the best for tv and i also found out its the hardest... if anyone has an extra one lying around and can please show me mercy by throwing me one I would be in your debt.

Once again I hope I am asking the right way and i am not stepping on any toes.

thanx for the help gang..