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Thread: Has anyone seen the New PS3 short promo film?

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    So the wait it almost over, the PS3 should finally be coming out...I just saw this PS3 short promo film and it looks cool, if you haven't seen it you should check it out.

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    meh i prolly wont ahve a ps3 til llike mid 2007

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    Some guy from Sony was on the news this morning talking about it. Sounds nice but im not paying $549-649 for that fuckin thing thats bullshit. Im not much of a console fan anyways....

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    I was gonna wait till the price dropped, but my ps2 broke and I cant find anyone intown that can fix it so... looks like I might get one early If I can get enough money.
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    The price is very high but there still seems to be a huge demand. I read somewhere that preorders in Japan were open for 6 minutes on one site and 20 minutes on another.

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    The price is way off my budget! Even though I am a Sony PS Fun, I won't spent 500 pounds on a console. Maybe in a year or two, when i'll be back from the army.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delorean View Post
    Maybe in a year or two, when i'll be back from the army.
    1 year or 2? how is that possible. minimum enlistment is at least 2 years. or is 1 year some sort of british summer vacation?
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    No, we go to the army for 2 years yes. But during these 2 years we are given 30 days in total "day off" to use them whenever we want, it doesn't matter if its in the first year or the second. So its possible in the first year i get a "day off" for 24 hours to finish a "personal matter" and go and buy the PS3 etc.. So it IS possible!
    [/QUOTE] or is 1 year some sort of british summer vacation? [/QUOTE]
    And btw, I'm a Cypriot.
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    i heard a rumour abou8t the PS3 that it was having trounle playing previous console games. anyone else heard this? cant wait to get one. but it will take me ages to get hold of one plus the games themselves are quite expensive.


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