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Thread: a music question

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    so i have been downloading some music torrents for the first time and im mostly looking for complete discographys. im curious, do any of you migrate these files to your iTunes / iPod? i definitely want to as i use my iPod everywhere.

    where i can see it getting tricky is i am anal about organization in iTunes. if the files downloaded dont have the artists name, track name, album name they wont sort correctly in iTunes and subsequently on the iPod. do any of you process the files you download for organized import into iTunes?

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    Don't you just download the mp3 files and put them on and the artist name etc should come up? I personally do not possess an ipod but i know people that do and the artists name seems to come up anyway?
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    yes the artists name, album, and track number does display on the iPod but those are columns in the iTunes database. when importing tracks from a CD that iTunes can locate on the CDDB the songs are imported in an organized fashion and the necessary columns are populated with the data from CDDB. it gets tricky when you are importing mp3's that you've downloaded. alot of the time the information (artist name, album, and track name) are not filled in, the tracks are just identified in the decription. this is where the problem arises.

    in the past ive spent time filling in the data in the mp3's before importing into iTunes, like i said, im anal about organization.

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    maybe someone will make themselves rich and develop an app that converts mp3's data so that its ready for appropriate import into iTunes.

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    Or maybe people can just edit the details of the files themselves to match their desires accordingly.
    You can just edit it by renaming the actual file.
    in some cases right clicking the file and going to the properties of the particular files.

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    exactly. right click, go to properties, click advanced and input the data there. but if you download an artists complete discography, well, youve got alot of editing to do to make it iTunes ready.

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    Not everything is auto filled
    Sometimes requires a little editing.

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    yeah. bummer.

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    156 <-- that retags tags files based on their acoustic fingerprint, might be what your looking for?

    also, the vast majority of music on OiNK's is correctly tagged, might consider trying to get an invite?

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    171 Probly the best tagger there is.

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