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Thread: Enter The Matrix Trial Cooolway

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    Ok i d/l this file 21,877 kb enter the matrix trial.exe.. heaps of files with the same size floating around and well i don't know if its a demo or if it's a video.. either way i d/l it... and one file says made by can you guys pls help me out.. how do i get htis file working???

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    I have a feeling its a demo video !!
    Drag and drop it into a media player to see if it is.

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    There's no way a 21,877kb file can be a demo or trial version of Enter The Matrix. It'll probably end up the trailer video for the game.

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    look at the description
    It's a 20 min clip for Matrix

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    descriptions dont say that dude... theres like 7 different ones and none say that... but no way in hell that it coulda been a demo lol just 20 mb thas crazy

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    yeah i guess that was pretty stupid..but what' sthe extension?? it came as .exe.. but that just runs some code in ms-dos and shuts off.. what do i change it too..or is my version corrupt
    Media player says it cannot play this file

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    some other ppl changed the description of it
    That's What I put

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    cooolway..what's teh ext?


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