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Thread: Inernet Connection

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    Belguim [Europe]
    I live in Belguim [EUROPE]
    I have an Broadband internet connection, i can download at 1MByte/s (record)
    and upload ad 128Mbit/s , (record 19.50 kiloByte/s)
    And i can download MAX 10 GB in the last 30 days, and upload 1.5GB in the last 30 days.
    For 40 (= +/- 40&#036 a month, and i can get xtra download (1GB = 1/month, max: 20GB a month) and at night they count 1GB as 500MB.
    How fast is the broadband internet connection in the USA ???
    Limits ??? Monthly Pay ???

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    broadband in the us is probably the cheapest you can get (and most midely available). in the uk, you can get a 1 Mb cable connection for 34.99 a month (approx $55) which is limited to 1 gigabyte download a day.
    or you can get a 512 kb adsl connection for 29.99 (approx $45) with no limits.

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    I live in the US and pay $39.99 a month(approx 34 euros) fo cable broadband. DSL broadband costs more in my city.

    Download: 2GB per day(30GB per month)
    Upload: 1GB per day(7.5GB per month)

    From what I've read, that's pretty cheap compared to other ISPs around the country.

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    Hey there guys,

    I live in the UK and have ntl broadband 1mb for 34.99 a month and there aren't any restrictions. I can download and upload as much as I like I've noticed and nothing has been done about it. The most I've done in a month is about 30gb, and in a day I would say about 4.5gb and ntl don't say anything.

    Not the faster internet connection I know but its sweet and suits me

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    I live in Italy i have dsl and I can download and upload as much as I want .I pay 40 euro a mounth.

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    49.99 in the states, it is cheaper but im on a contract i get unlimitaed 768/128 but it id s little faster than that


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